Advantages Of REMU Screening Buckets

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  • 10th August 2017

    What are the advantages of purchasing REMU Screening Buckets? If you are searching for a piece of equipment that screens rather than separates or crushes then you need to look at REMU Screening Buckets. These versatile screen buckets will get the job done smoothly in all types of weather conditions. When you contact the company that sells these awesome screen buckets, they will provide you with advice and guidance on which product is best suited for your type of work.

    All of the different models of screening buckets are extremely excavator friendly. Due to the fact that they utilize a better hydraulic system which means that it will be almost impossible for the bucket to become blocked. This incredible screening bucket works throughout the year and will screen certain types of material that other buckets will not screen. The screening buckets can be used for a variety of applications including composting, topsoil cleaning, pipeline covering, and backfilling.

    A screen bucket is perfect when preparing topsoil for nurseries, landscaping, residential yards, and sports fields. These are some of the more common applications for this hard-working tool. The screen bucket will turn every day soil into high quality topsoil without any sticks, stone fragments, or other undesirable items. The screen bucket is also great for mixing clay, sand, and compost so as to provide the perfect mixture for whatever type of topsoil is required.

    If you require cable excavation or padding pipeline then you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings that can be achieved when on-site material is screened from an excavation. There is a growing demand for the padding process when doing cable excavation and this versatile screening bucket will provide you with the best possible solution. When you screen on-site you will save money on both transportation and material costs. When screening on-site it will also theallow the machine to continue working and eliminate any downtime that is associated while waiting for the next available sand truck.

    The screen bucket is also the perfect choice for composting large amounts of sewage sludge, manure, bio waste, green waste, and animal mortalities. The screen bucket can grind the waste and aerate the compost so as to accelerate the entire process. In addition, the screen bucket is perfect for screening mature compost and then mixing it with other ingredients so that the final product is completely homogenous.

    The screen bucket is also ideal for recycling work. When clearing a piece of land the first step is to separate recyclable material from the area. For example, you can eliminate the sand from a wood stump before chipping it. There are also times when recyclable materials need to be classified or crushed before they can be processed further. With a combination screen/crusher bucket you will be able to do this with materials such as gypsum board, glass, or tiles.

    The bottom line is that if you are wanting to save both time and money on your next excavation then you should look into using a high quality screening bucket with or without crushing capabilities.