Save Money with LED High Bay Lighting

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  • 17th September 2017
  • High Bay Lighting

    As you look at the many different companies that are offering LED lights, you will see that dramatic improvements have been made over the years. Some of them are able to replace light bulbs that run 250 W, yet they are 100 W LED lights instead. Additionally, you have many benefits associated with replacing existing lights including saving up to 80% on your energy bill. This could be a substantial savings for larger industrial or commercial businesses that have never upgraded to these lights before. Let’s begin by looking at how LED lights have been modified to provide the best possible results, and that’s why High Bay Lighting are making it easier for companies to save money every year.

    What Has Changed In This Industry
    One of the best LED lights to come out in years is called a LMP-UFO LED light. These are circular by design, easy to install, and they come in several different sizes. They typically range between 100 W, 150 W, and up to 200 W, providing a substantial amount of light. These can be used to replace much larger more energy consuming lights that you may already have, and can be easily installed in their place. Therefore, you are getting the same amount of light, yet you will be spending substantially less every month that you are using these at your facility. They have also improve the warranties that they provide, and have improved estimates on how quickly you will see a return on your investment by installing these lights at your location.

    How Long Will It Take To Recoup Your Investment?
    Depending upon the number of lights that you are replacing, and how much light they are able to produce, you can usually see a return on investment in as little as one year. It is also possible to see an ROI in about three years with even a minimal investment into just a handful of lights that you will have installed. In regard to the warranty, they can come with five year warranties which means you will not have to worry about your investment at all.

    What Industries Typically Use These Lights?
    These lights can be used by a multitude of different industries which will include parking garages where they are quite common. If you are in charge of indoor sports facilities, you may consider replacing all of your existing lights, or even the LED lights that you currently have, with these new and improved versions. Food and beverage processing companies can benefit from these lights, and you will also want to install these at your storage facility if you have one. Convention centres, industrial and commercial facilities, as well as warehouse and distribution centres will likely see the largest return on investment in the shortest period of time.

    How To Get More Information On These Lights
    Getting more information on these lights is as easy as making a phone call. You will likely have a couple different businesses in your city that offer them for sale. If you can find any type of feedback or testimonials provided by these businesses, this should help you get the information that you need in the next few days. Contacting multiple companies, and comparing the prices that they charge, is one way to find out who is offering the best deals. Even if you have found a couple businesses with comparable prices, always look at the warranties, and consider any feedback that you can find online about these lights before you make your purchase.

    Upgrading to LED lights is going to be a large investment for some companies or corporations. It just depends on the size of your facility, and the number of lights that has to be replaced. However, because they use far less energy than typical light bulbs, and due to the fact they last longer, you will end up saving money in the long term by making this investment into your business. You will shortly see that savings with your next utility bill, and this will continue on for many years. If you haven’t done this yet, it is certainly an investment that you should consider making. Find out more about upgrading to High Bay Lighting.